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Its no secret that computer systems are increasingly becoming an important part of our personal and business lives. Coupled with the rise of living and services costs we use day to day, when an issue arises this can cause financial and mental stress. When this happens, you will need a company you can trust, someone with the personal touch.


MNES Computing is that company..


With 13 years technical support experience, MNES provides professional technical computing services to personal and business customers. For any enquires, please contact Earl on support@mnescomputing.co.uk.


MNES also provide remote support, so we have no locational/geographical restrictions.


Please call today for a no hassle quote.


Services Offered




With 13 years, on the job experience and ITIL qualified, MNES Computing offers a wide range of consultancy services. This ranges from network setups, PC improvements, fault finding techniques, webpage creation, data security, remote access/VPN creation and many more. This is not bound to just PCs, MNES Computing have a vast array of knowledge in servers, handheld devices and software.

Upgrades and New Machines


MNES Computing can upgrade your current machine, or advise and create your ideal machine. This can range from basic word processing/browsing machines to games-playing monsters, catering all ranges of finances and complexity.


MNES Computing also provides a unique operating system service check that dramitcally speeds up the performance of slower, older machines.

Maintainance / Onsite and Remote Support

Its a fact of life that computers/hardware goes wrong, so for that peace of mind, MNES Computing provide personal and business customers with on-going maintainance, including remote support. This provides a repsonsive, friendly face that cuts out the technical jargon, and gives that personal touch and care.


Please contact support for more infomation.



Not only does MNES Computing fault find and replace faulty hardware, they also find software errors and suggest the best course of action, including virus detection and removal. With a trusted history in technical support, no issue is too big or small for MNES Computing. We also know that personal/business data is of paramount importance, so MNES Computing provide backups and reinstallations services at a very low cost.

MNES Computing is ITIL Version 3, Level 1 qualified

MNES Computing is also CRB checked

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